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ETC-350SST ➤ $195.00

Turn most Valve Nuts Instantly Without Digging


Damaged and worn valve nuts are no match for the EZT Curb Key

EZT Curb Key turns worn, rusted, damaged and new valve nuts simply, safely and immediately. When EZT is pushed onto a valve nut, tempered alloy steel rods automatically adjust to securely grip and turn valve nuts of every shape and condition. Ideal for everyday and emergency use, EZT Curb Key enables operators to avoid needless down-line valve shut-offs, road excavation and service interruptions. With conventional gate keys, valve nut replacement is an expensive service operation. EZT makes valve nut replacement virtually unnecessary. A truly revolutionary tool, EZT saves hours of time and expense every single time it's used.

• Grabs all valves with a standard 2" x 2"

• On-demand turning prevents additional valve shut-offs

• Strength of tempered steel delivers rugged, durable performance

• Patented design adjusts automatically to damaged nuts

• Simple, quick operation saves money and crew time

• Secure grip prevents operator injuries

• Tested to over 150 lb/ft,


"what is it?"

  • Technical

    • Spring loaded stainless steel pins

    • Edge "scallop" "anti-stiction" features

    • Patent pending design

    •  excellent construction and quality:  

    • Pins made from high strength stainless steel,

    • clear anodized aluminum housing,

    • Tough powder coating will last for years.  

  • Quality

    • High quality materials. 

    • High quality parts throughout

    • Proudly made in the USA.

    • Backed by three year warranty.

  • Description​

    •  innovative,/novel

    • 18" handle with tee lengths of 3, 5, and 6.5 foot weldments

    • Engages valve head in 2 inch ports first try regardless of handle orientation
    • Likely engages valves in 3 and 4 inch ports regardless of offset position
    • Minimizes "fishing effort" in blind ports saving time and greatly reducing frustration.

    • EZT Home attachment head clamps firmly onto the tool end of most standard curb keys converting it to a universal curb key...

  • Testimony

    • Our ever-increasing number of customers testify the EZT  "saves time and money" and "Wow, that really was easy".  

  • Intended Users

    • Excellent for professional plumbers or sprinkler system experts alike.    

    • Municipal water districts' operators & field service personnel

    • Our EZT Professional an EZT Home  are ideal for homeowners; they make that frustrating 2x a year turn on/off quick and easy

  • "Save the fishing for the lake"

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